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Sources of Nonyl Phenol (NP) contamination in consumer products such as toys, shoes and packaging material = Organic Phosphites


1. Organic Phosphite is added 20% in PVC stabilizer as secondary antioxidant. Its main raw materials are nonyl phenol (NP) .and phenol.


2. Different types of Organic Phosphites and CAS No. can be found in the following table. 


Type of Organic Phosphite

CAS No. 


Tris (Nonylphenyl) Phosphite


Diphenyl Phosphite


Triphenyl Phosphite


Poly (dipropyleneglycol) Phenyl Phosphite


Diphenyl Isodecyl Phosphite


Phenyl Diisodecyl Phosphite


Phenyl Neopentylene Glycol Phosphite


Tetraphenyl dipropyleneglycol Diphosphite


Diisooctyl Octylphenyl Phosphite


Poly 4,4 Isopropylidenediphenol C12-15 Alcohol Phosphite



3. According to REACH svhc list, there are 155 harmful chemicals in the list.

You will grasp the seriousness of the list when you notice that out of 70+ million known chemicals in planet earth, the most harmful 155 are included here.

Most in the svhc list are CMR, chemicals causing cancer, mutation and reproduction problems.


Among the 155 shvc list (updated June 2014), the following are related to NP and Phenol.


No. 57

Phenol phthalein

No. 65

4-(1,1,3,3- tetramethyl butyl) Phenol 

4-tert-octyl phenol

No. 91

Nonyl Phenol

No. 142

Nonyl Phenol ethoxylated


4. Steps to “detox” your supply chain:


4.1   Ask suppliers to provide material safety data sheet (MSDS), then check the CAS No. contains any banned substances such as heavy metals and CMR chemicals.

4.2   Ask suppliers to provide independent laboratory test report to show their raw materials do not contain banned substances.

       These reports should be updated very year by supplier.

4.3   Ask your stabilizer supplier to phase out Organic Phosphite in production.

4.4   Ask your suppliers to sign green production document to guarantee that they don’t manufacture and they don’t handle Organic Phosphites in production.

4.5   Choose a suppler with a lower test results.

4.6   Test your product and keep replacing toxic manufacturer by green manufacturer until your own product’s nonyl phenol (NP) content reaches “not detected” level.


Green stabilizer production policy

Green stabilizer production certificate

TAC system


PS: special thanks to experts from China with 40 years experience in plastic industry for their advise.


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