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Organic Phosphites  :  Source of Nonyl Phenol (NP) and Phenol contamination


Nonyl Phenol is a major raw material in surfactants and therefore it is found in fabric and garment.


Why are there NP and Phenol in plastic?


It is because of Organic Phosphites, a secondary antioxidant used in most plastics.


The following is an application list of Organic Phosphites, as you can see, it is added in PU, PET, PP, LLDPE, HDPE, ABS, Nylon, Rubber... and in particular PVC.


Traditional PVC stabilizer contains 20% Organic Phosphites.


Reach svhc list: Among 151 most toxic chemicals out of 70 million known chemicals.

    No. 91 is Nonyl Phenol

    No. 142 is Nonyl Phenol ethoxylated.


  Type of Organic Phosphite


   Cas No.


  Tris (Nonylphenyl) Phosphite


  Diphenyl Phosphite


  Triphenyl Phosphite


  Poly (dipropyleneglycol) Phenyl Phosphite


  Diphenyl Isodecyl Phosphite


  Phenyl Diisodecyl Phosphite


  Phenyl Neopentylene Glycol Phosphite


  Tetraphenyl dipropyleneglycol Diphosphite


  Diisooctyl Octylphenyl Phosphite


  Poly 4,4 Isopropylidenediphenol C12-15 Alcohol Phosphite




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