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2009/425/EC Regulation


It bans the use of Organotin stabilizer in products that may contact with human skin.


Chromium, Organotin and Cadmium are the top 3 most toxic chemicals in regulation 2009/48/EC. 

They are classified as CMR, chemicals related to cancer, mutation and reproduction problems.


It can be absorbed through skin and cause harm to workers and consumers.

therefore care should be taken when workers is handling Organotin during production.


Common Organotin CAS No.


A technical document about seafood contaminated by Organotin.


Canada Environmental report on Organotin.


Our Organotin test results (2009/425/EC)

All 7 types of Organotin "not detected".


  1.  Tri butyl tin   not detected
  2.  Tri phenyl tin   not detected
  3.  Tri octyl tin   not detected
  4.  Tri cyclohexyl tin   not detected
  5.  Tri Propyl tin   not detected
  6.  Di butyl tin   not detected
  7.  Di octyl tin   not detected


The following is the details of the regulation.





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