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Heraclitus  (544 BC - 483 BC)


Dextox your supply chain


1.  80/20 rule: spend extra effort on the most commonly used harmful chemicals.


2.  Identity high risk suppliers, those making toxic chemicals.


3.  Compare green production policy.

     Ask supplier to sign green document to guarantee that they don't manufacture and they don't handle harmful chemicals in production.


4.  Compare environmental test results of different suppliers, choose the one with lower results.  


5.  Replace toxic manufacturer by green manufacturer.  


6.  Apply this process to all raw materials.


7.  Monitor the test results of your product.

    Every time you change to a green supplier, your product's test results should be lowered.


8. Continuous improvement until all test results approach 0,  "not detected" level.


Our green stabilizer production policy


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