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The unexamined life is not worth living.
Socrates  (469 BC - 399 BC)


Latest Environmental regulations:


1.  2009/48/EC regulation


Ban 19 heavy metals

including Chromium, Organotin stabilizer, Cadmium, Lead, etc.


2.  REACH svhc



Ban 151 most toxic chemicals

No. 91 = Nonyl Phenol

No. 142 = Nonyl Phenol ethoxylated


3.   Washington 66

Ban 66 chemicals

6 out of 66 chemicals are related to Phenol and Nonyl Phenol:


  4-Nonyl phenol   cas no. 104-40-5
  Phenol   cas no. 108-95-2
  4-tert-Octyl phenol   cas no. 140-66-9
  Phenol, 4-octyl-   cas no. 1806-26-4
  Nonyl phenol   cas no. 25154-52-3
  Tetrabromo bisphenol A   cas no. 79-94-7


4.   2009/425/EC regulation


Ban 7 types of Oragnotin in products that may contact with human skin.


Organotin stabilizer is used in shoes, diapers, female sanitary towel, artificial leather, gloves, flooring, plastic fabric, etc.



The following is our test results:


4 basic test reports:


Grandstab Environmental stabilizer test results:

1.   19 heavy metals test report. (2009/48/EC)

All 19 heavy metals not detected

2.   Phenol test report.  (Washington 66)

Not detected.

3.   Nonyl phenol test report.  (REACH svhc)

Not detected.

4.   Organotin test report.  (2009/425/EC test)

All 7 types Organotin not detected.


Test reports in the past 18 years


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