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Green stabilizer production


The following is comparison of different types of stabilizer.


  Different types of stabilizer

  Toxic classification and ranking among 19 heavy metals.

  1. Organotin stabilizer

  CMR, 2nd most toxic *

  2. Cadmium stabilizer, Ba/Cd/Zn

  CMR, 3rd most toxic *

  3. Lead stabilizer

  heavy metals, 7th most toxic

  4. Barium stabilizer

  heavy metals

  5. Organic Phosphites (contains NP and Phenol)

      used 20% in PVC stabilizer

  REACH svhc list

  6. Ca/Zn stabilizer (without Organic Phosphite)

  non toxic



Our Green stabilizer policy:


We certify that we don't manufacture the following products.

We also certify that we don't handle the following products in our production, therefore, no contamination.

Environmental PVC Formulation



PS: * CMR = chemicals related to cancer, mutation and reproduction.


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